We always give ourselves plenty of time to consider the position of outdoor seating and dining areas, because it’s these elements that complete the narrative of a garden and highlight the purpose of a design.

When it comes to making decisions about furniture, much depends on the scale and layout of the space. In a small garden we tend to use corner or L-shaped seating, and this allows us to use a greater proportion of the space for planting, trees and other green areas.


New Beginnings: Church Barn and Visions of the future at Floriade 2022

These benches and seats featured in both our Church Barn and Floriade projects are particularly special to us as they are our very own creations, designed and imagined in-house. 

These unique seats are made from mild steel, offering versatility in style with options for powder coating or allowing them to naturally rust, giving them a distinct rust-orange hue. To add an additional touch of warmth and elegance, we finished the tops with timber. This combination of materials not only imparts a timeless quality but also ensures that the elements seamlessly blend into their outdoor context, with their natural tones and aesthetic.

The seats exude a modern and sophisticated aesthetic with sleek, straight lines, creating a captivating contrast to the garden’s organic surroundings. This interplay of elements yields a stunning visual harmony.

These fire pit areas not only foster an inviting atmosphere but also actively encourage the enjoyment of the garden at all times of the day.

The Elegant outdoors, Alexander Square (Courtyard)

The sofas we selected for this garden are designed by a company called Roda and made from stretched net anchored to sustainable teak frames, which makes them resilient in any weather. We converted Atelier Vierkant terracotta into firepits, which can be used as small tables when not in use, thanks to a bespoke, timber top.

In the shade of the catalpa tree: Alexander square II

An adjustable, round table designed by Paola Lenti and elegant chairs from Tribú create the focal point in this small urban garden. The lovely, coloured lights above the table are another Paola Lenti design, and can be adjusted to hang at varying heights.

New house, new garden, Balham, London.

Our clients wanted a large dining table, for alfresco eating with the family. We worked with them to choose this table, bench and chairs from the Gloster RAW collection. Made from teak, it showcases every growth ring and knot in the wood, bringing a sense of authenticity and age to a very modern site.

Serenity in the city: Primrose Hill, London.

The table and chairs selected for this London garden are in the Costes collection from Ethimo. The pale wood and simple design sit well in the serene space, making it a natural extension of the house’s modern interior.

Maximum rewards: Redcliffe Road, London.

We designed every detail of this garden to reap maximum rewards from a very restricted area. The chairs, from Kettal, sit well against the horizontal lines of the iroko fence, and a small table from the same company makes this a comfortable space for entertaining friends.

Spring blossom and autumn fruit, Kensington, London.

We have furnished this elegant, outdoor room in Kensington with a luxurious sofa designed by Tribù, a low table and a fire pit made from a large terracotta pot. When the fire is not needed, the pit can be concealed beneath a wooden cover and used as a table.

The Lodge, London.

Rugged, handmade furniture from the Gunter collection at Sempre Life seemed best-suited to this outdoor space, where our clients are all set to entertain in style. On cool evenings they can perch around the brazier on comfortable poufs from Paola Lenti.