Design process

Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture (SMLA) will oversee the design and construction of your new garden from start to finish.

Getting Started

The starting point for any new project is a site visit. This is our opportunity to explore your vision for the site. Perhaps you need space for your children to play outdoors? Or maybe you want a serene space where you can relax with friends? Whatever your vision, we will collaborate with you to make it real, ensuring that your new garden is a natural extension of the house, and filling it with plants that will give you pleasure throughout the year.

Measuring Up

We measure up the site, taking numerous photographs and producing a survey that records the positions of existing structures, trees, utilities and changes in level. On larger sites we commission our surveyor to make a detailed site analysis. These surveys will be at the core of any new design.

Developing a Design

Using the information gathered by meeting you and surveying the site, we will work on a design proposal for your new garden. We expect our design to change and evolve as we carry on our conversation with you. This is also our opportunity to introduce you to the work of an exciting network of artists whose furniture, pots and sculptures can be used to add unique beauty and interest to your garden.

Making It Happen

The hard landscaping of your new garden will be realised by a tried and trusted local team. We make regular site visits throughout this phase, checking every detail of the design as it unfolds, and resolving any problems on the spot. Stefano is also sure to be there at planting time, ensuring that all shrubs, plants and trees are of top quality, and planting them carefully to give them the best start in life.

Looking After Your Garden

A well-maintained garden continues to grow and give pleasure year after year. We can offer tailored packages that include regular visits from our team to ensure that your garden is evolving according to plan, and to check that it is being properly maintained. We can also recommend a local company to care for your garden.