International Service, Local Connections

Stefano Marinaz works for private and commercial clients all over the world. Recent projects include gardens and landscapes in Europe, America and the Middle East.


Your Garden In Italy

Creating a new garden for your holiday home in Italy can be a complex and frustrating process. Many expatriate homeowners have already chosen a stress-free solution by commissioning Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture to create their new garden. British clients enjoy discussing their ideas in English with the studio’s London-based bilingual team.

Once the design has been finalised, Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture’s expert knowledge of Italian planning regulations ensures that the project will progress smoothly. By using his personal contacts, Stefano can guarantee consistently high quality and excellent value from landscaping contractors, manufacturers, craftsmen nurseries and other suppliers in Italy.

He visits local nurseries to make a personal selection of vigorous and well-grown plants for each new garden or landscape. The studio oversees each project from start to finish, resolving problems as they arise and providing prompt and regular progress reports to clients.


An On-Going Service

After completion, the Studio will draw up a maintenance schedule for the new garden or landscape. Clients often appoint Stefano to interview and select highly-qualified local gardeners to undertake on-going maintenance of their new garden or landscape.


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