In the shade of the Catalpa tree: Alexander square II

This garden is on two levels that correspond with the ground floor and basement of a Grade ll listed building currently under renovation by Smallwood Architects. We will enclose the ground floor on two sides with a slatted iroko fence, using verticals of different widths and depths to avoid monotony and add drama to the garden boundary.

A regular enfilade of large pots against the fence will create a striking visual axis, with the spaces between the pots marked by embellished bronze uprights set into the fence. Opposite the fence there will be a camellia hedge to enclose the other side of the garden, its dark green leaves studded with white flowers in spring.

In the shade of a large Catalpa tree on the left hand side, we will plant shade-loving perennials. And beyond the tree there will be a circular table, illuminated at night by pendant lights.  The rest of the garden will be lit by spike lights, positioned to highlight pots, trees, paths and other important features.

A multi stemmed, flowering tree in a pot will frame the top of the steps to the basement, where our client has his office desk overlooking the garden. Here we will transform an existing pool into a flowerbed, filling it with the same shade loving plants that we have used at street level. Two pots, also similar to the ones upstairs, will create a new water feature with gentle vertical jets that will be illuminated at night.

Photography: Alister Thorpe