Rus in Urbe

It is always a pleasure to watch one of our garden designs growing into its full potential. We planted this east-facing garden in central London eight years ago, and today it has the serene atmosphere of a mature country garden in the middle of the city. The ornamental cherry, Amelanchier, magnolias and handkerchief tree (Davidia involucrata), all chosen for their gorgeous spring flowers, are now sturdy shrubs and trees. The lawn at their feet brings a sense of generosity and space to the garden, while the beds that hem it in are packed with a wonderful medley of perennial plants, carefully selected to bring colour and scent to every corner of the garden, year after year. The studio at the garden’s far end soaks up the sun, but closer to the house there is a shady pergola, now enveloped by our romantic mix of passion flower, scented honeysuckle and wisteria. Loving them as we do, it is a delight to see our carefully selected plants thriving and continuing to bring pleasure to their owners.


Photography: Alister Thorpe