We collaborate with numerous, carefully chosen contemporary sculptors, and we can help you to find the perfect piece for your new garden.

Bird’s-Eye View, London.

One of British sculptor Paul Vanstone’s magnificent, sculpted torsos draws the eye to the place where it nestles among plants on this sun-baked terrace high above London.
Paul is fascinated by the luminous and light-reflecting qualities of marble. He relishes transforming such quintessentially hard material into the soft curves of the human body.

In the shade of the catalpa tree: Alexander square, London.

No one knows who made this bronze fish, but it has found an ideal home swimming across the lush green sea we have created in this London garden.

Rus in urbe, London.

The provenance of this lovely, exotic figure is a mystery, but she has become a perpetual presence in a garden where our carefully chosen plants and trees have formed a happy community.

Bird’s-Eye View, London.

We helped our clients to source this elegant sculpture by Ian Edwards, called Born Within Fire. It stands in a small internal courtyard at the bottom of a spiral staircase leading to the roof garden.

A chic outdoor space: Holland Park, London.

Sculpture creates a focal point at the heart of a garden, distracting us from the wider surroundings. In this elegant, outdoor room in central London it is a bronze panther that draws the eye.