A Tapestry of Urban Greenery

Welcome to our urban garden oasis! Nestled on an east-facing plot, this sun-soaked haven measures approximately 20 x 6 meters. Bounded by the rear facade of the house on one side and a sleek black timber fence on the remaining three, this space is a harmonious blend of nature and design.

As you step in, you’ll notice the concrete paving creating a terraced expanse near the house, tapering into a winding path with spaced paving units and low creepers weaving between. This leads to a tranquil seating area at the far end, perfect for basking in the late afternoon sun. Closer to the house, a welcoming arrangement of tables, chairs, and a bench sets the stage for delightful breakfasts in the morning light.

A central play area takes center stage, embraced by lush, naturalistic plantings that offer a canvas for kids to set up tents and enjoy playful moments with friends during warm months. Amidst this verdant tapestry, three multistem Amelanchier lamarckii trees stand tall, casting their graceful presence.

Softening the perimeter, ivy graces one side while Akebia and Hydrangea petiolaris lend their charm on the other. A captivating water feature positioned in the garden’s initial third serves as both a focal point and a wildlife oasis, graced by miniature water lilies. Meandering through the soft plantings are log waves that guide the path from the house to the garden shed.

The paving units, each measuring 1m by 30cm, create a structured pathway, complemented by Belgium terracotta pots scattered throughout the garden. These pots mirror the lush planting beds, housing an array of captivating flora.

The diverse plant community offers year-round interest, featuring the intriguing patterns of Persicaria filiformis, the fragrant charm of Mentha requienii, the cotton-floss flowers of Sanguisorba ‘Burr Blanc’, the elegance of Nigella damascena, and the enchanting Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’.

Ornamental grasses play their role too, with Sesleria autumnalis ‘Greenlee Hybrid’ as a low filler, Schizachyrium ‘Ha Ha Tonka’ providing a short accent with its hairy blue-hued leaves, and the majestic Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foster’ as a taller accent that graces the garden from summer through winter.

In this urban sanctuary, nature and design converge, creating a harmonious space that thrives throughout the seasons, offering a haven of relaxation, play, and natural beauty.

Photography Alister Thorpe