Pots and planters

Here at the studio our aim is always to create elegant spaces, while acknowledging the natural shapes and colours to be found in wild grasses, flowers and foliage. In other words, we give special thought to selecting pots, planters and other artifacts that will help us to create this balanced environment by cleverly containing the wildness of nature within the refined boundaries of modern elegance.

We often use terracotta pots of different colours and textures, combining them in a way that makes a clear reference to the colours and style of the paving, furniture, and even to the colours of the plants in the beds.

In the shade of the Catalpa tree: Alexander, London.

These plump, terracotta pots from Atelier Vierkant were selected to echo the colours of the pendant lights above the table. Overflowing with pale, erigeron daisies, they bring a real sense of comfort and abundance to this informal garden.

New House, New Garden.

Nestling among the permanent planting, these handmade, weathered-brass pots from Belgium allow us to create a second layer of textures and warm colours in the garden. Made by LVIV to a light-weight design, they can be rearranged to suit seasonal changes in the planting.

New House, New Garden.

More pots and planters from Atelier Vierkant, they are made of clay and extracted in Europe’s heartland Germany. The pots sit well in the vibrant setting of the garden we designed for a brand-new house in London.

A terrace with a view: Holland Green Place, London.

By using pots and planters from Capital Garden Products, we were able to pack this roof terrace in central London with plants, trees and flowers, framing the imposing view with two multi-stem Amelanchier lamarckii.

Cool and Calm in North London.

We added to the lush, modern planting in this north-London garden with an array of terracotta pots made in Belgium by Atelier Vierkant. Gun-metal grey, they sit well with the lush green planting and the granite paving.

Serenity in the City: Primrose Hill, London.

The height of these unusual pots made by Atelier Vierkant allowed us to add another layer to the planting, without disturbing the simple elegance and serenity of this small garden.

The Elegant Outdoors, Alexander Square, London.

Here we have used a series of handsome terracotta pots from Atelier Vierkant like punctuation marks to break up a stretch of wall. Other pots were more casually placed, to accentuate the asymmetry of our design.