Cool and Calm in North London

In this North London garden we have taken our cue from the crisp, clean lines of the extension to the house, creating a tranquil oasis packed with lush, modern planting.

Generous glass doors create an indeterminate border between house and garden, a liminal space we have filled with plants that make their presence felt inside, whether the sliding doors are open or shut.

The spring garden is dominated by pretty violets and the lime-green flowers of Helleborus argutifolius, while bright cushions of Soleirolia soleirolii already soften the edges of the path. Ferns nestle in the shadiest corners, and the starry, white flowers of Trachelospermum jasminoides fill the air with their scent in summer.

We have laid two paths, creating parallel approaches to the secluded seating area in dappled shade at the garden’s far end.

Sitting at the table indoors, the eye is drawn up a shallow flight of steps towards these paths. With their horizontal granite paving and jagged edges, they create an eye-catching and intrinsically modern effect.

Landscape construction: Shoots and Leaves

Photography: Alister Thorpe