Feature wall

Feature walls aren’t just for indoors. Whether made from warm wood or glittering tiles, we use them to transform an outlook or make a bold, eye-catching statement in the garden.

Edgy Woodland Wonderland

The feature wall is an artistic composition comprised of a myriad of tiles, varying in both size and thickness. Each individual element was handcrafted, exuding a wealth of intricate and captivating details.

The variation in tile thickness, creates captivating interplays of shadow and texture, lending a dynamic quality to the wall’s appearance. Nature, too, plays a vital role in the wall’s allure, as the dappled shadows from nearby trees dance gracefully across its surface, adding an ever-changing layer of intrigue.

Embedded texture details invite viewers to explore with their senses, much like Braille, conveying a narrative through tactile interaction. This immersive experience adds a profound layer of engagement to the garden.

In addition, subtle incorporation of green hues in the tiles not only add an aesthetic dimension which resonates with how hard materials in wooded areas would develop a mossy patina over time, but also harmoniously connects the elements with their natural surroundings.

New House, New Garden, Balham, London.

Here the feature wall for the garden of a brand new house is made from sensational tiles designed by Cristina Celestino and produced in Italy by Botteganove. Over four metres high, its installation transformed the bland outlook from the new house, and its subtle colours and intricate textures also served as inspiration for our planting scheme. At night the wall is illuminated by six downlights.

A garden in Chelsea (Courtyard)

The Elegant Outdoors, Alexander Square (Courtyard).

Here the feature wall is made from iroko uprights of different widths. We mounted them on metal rods to hold them in place. This also allows them to swivel, creating ever-changing effects as the light touches them.