The Elegant outdoors, Alexander square (Front), London

While we were completing the courtyard area of the project (Please refer to the Alexander square – Courtyard) we saw the opportunity of greening up the front of the property by removing the invasive bamboo which was planted where the 3 Quercus ilex are not located and installing bespoke planters on either side of the main door in order to make the most out of the space which is enclosed by the railings. The only plants which were kept from the front before our intervention are the two Quercus ilex which were moved out from the small timber pot in which they were planted and moved in to the new long metal planters. Both the planting bed under the 3 Quercus ilex and the one on either side of the main entrance are planted with evergreen shrubs as well as perennials in order to provide interest and scent all year around.