A firepit will extend the season of alfresco drinks and dining in your garden, making it a warm and welcoming space for more seasons of the year. However, a traditional, wood-burning firepit may be unsuitable for an inner-city garden, where billowing smoke is unwelcome. We solve this problem by supplying firepits fuelled by clean-burning, sustainable bioethanol.

Welcomed by Rich Scents: Pelham Place, London

We put bioethanol burners on gravel inside two terracotta pots from Atelier Vierkant to make firepits for this garden. With the burners and the wall lights glowing, the garden is as welcoming by night as it is during the day. We have had timber tops especially made to fit the pots, so that they can serve as small tables when the firepits are not in use.

The Lodge, London

This ready-made firepit comes from Ak47 Design, an Italian company specialising in firepits and cutting edge design. Thanks to the stainless steel grill, the firepit can also be used as a barbecue.