Church barn

Located in the heart of Essex near Braintree, this 18th century converted barn presents a front garden of about 500 square meters.
Before our intervention, the area of the garden closest to the house was split in two parts by a substantial brick wall that prevented a natural flow.
We decided to remove the brickwall and enclose the two areas directly in front to the house with a mild steel fence that we designed. This created a sense of enclosure maximising the space available directly in front of the house. Part of the garden is now enclosed with this new fence which was previously used as car park.
The remaining part of the garden was only a lawn which did not provide much ecological value and biodiversity. We decided to remove the lawn and create a perennial planting using a matrix of grasses, within which different perennials and bulb would provide interest throughout the year. Overall we planted 10 new multi-stem trees, 1,400 perennials and 1,200 grasses.
Meandering gravel paths were laid in between the planted areas to reach the three zone that were created to sunbath, to sit around the fire pit and to enjoy a morning coffee.