Pleached trees

Pleached trees can often be used to create instant screening around a private garden, increasing the height of a fence or wall to give privacy from neighbours or a road. Pleached trees are the natural way to bring an architectural look to a garden, without having to build genuine architectural features.

Pleaching trees gives them clear stems, and this allows enough space beneath their canopies for generous planting and seating. Some of our favourite species for pleaching are Quercus ilex,  Carpinus betulus and Malus ‘Evereste’.

Alexander Square I

Here we planted mature specimens of Quercus ilex, underplanting them with a selection of evergreen plants such as the glossy Sarcococca planted near the entrance to the garden, which is smothered in highly fragrant white flowers in winter. Baby pink Schizostylis bursts into bloom in autumn, and the evergreen trees provide interest through every season of the year.