Work Process

The garden design and its creation is articulated in a series of stages. A project would typically include:


1. Site analysis and feasibility studies

During this stage a site visit and a meeting with the client define the brief of the project. A site analysis and a feasibility study are then developed to test ideas and to find the best way to implement the scheme.

2. Concept design and detail design

The feasibility study allows the studio to develop a concept design proposal for the site and once it is signed off by the client the project is detailed. During this stage a package of hardworks and softworks plans is prepared alongside construction details, perspective views and a 3D model.

3. Tender, Bills of quantities, Costing

The bills of quantities are prepared as a costing exercise and are used alongside the construction drawings to enable the tender process. During this stage a series of quotes are submitted by potential contractors and the preferred candidate is selected.

4. Construction

Site inspections are organized during the construction of the garden to ensure the quality of the garden design from the inception to the completion of the project. Great attention is given to the quality of the plants and to their establishment.

5. Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to ensure the establishment of the garden during the first 5 years after completion.
The studio prepares maintenance schedules for each project and can assist the client with the selection of the appropriate gardener or maintenance contractor. Stefano is happy to establish a long term relationship with the client to monitor the establishment and the development of the garden once the project is completed.